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  • Our Mission Statement

    At My Heavenly Angels Prep Center, we offer a family-oriented and professional environment where the staff-parent relationship is vital. We will instill good manners, self-esteem, self-motivation, and self-discipline skills that will follow our children throughout their lives. Our pre-school curriculum is excellent and designed for our children to have the fundamentals needed to flourish in the primary school setting. We extend the opportunity to you to allow your child to become one of My Heavenly Angels and watch them spread their wings!

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High-Quality Preschool Criteria

The criteria for a high-quality Preschool program will address all aspects of an early childhood program including the following:

  • Interactions among teachers and children
  • Curriculum
  • Staff and parent interactions
  • Administration
  • Staff qualifications and professional development
  • Accurate staff to child ratios
  • Physical environment
  • Health and safety
  • Nutrition and food service
  • Program evaluation

All children are welcome to Spread their Wings and Grow to their fullest potential at My Heavenly Angels Prep Center.

My Heavenly Angels Prep Center is an equal opportunity provider. We ensure that all eligible children shall be accepted for enrollment without unlawful discrimination against gender, color, national origin, religion, or race.

High-Quality Nutrition

Through its Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) programs, including those designed for child nutrition, the USDA at plays a critical role in providing essential nutrition assistance. That is why we ensure to always meet their health and safety inspection requirements. You can email USDA at

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